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Subsequent sections of this report delve further into key characteristics of the program’s design (e.g., roles, project selection processes, and extent of overlap with other programs). This section focuses on the overall design, funding levels, and funding allocation. In order to generate https://forex-reviews.org/ a list of unsuccessful applicants, CFDCs were asked to forward information. In all, 58 names from 12 CFDCs were provided to GGI with complete contact information. GGI made a preliminary selection of 25 applicants representing a cross section of CFDCs, program component and funding round .

The short form prospectus regime was designed to facilitate efficient capital raising for reporting issuers while providing investors with all the protections of a prospectus, including statutory rights of withdrawal, rescission and damages. Some fundamental characteristics of effective regional economic development programs, are absent from EODP, however. The criteria for selecting projects does not acknowledge the important role that exporters, firms with strong local supplier links, firms that substitute for imports, and firms that pay relatively high wages, can play in regional economic development. Additionally, projects that improve technology and processes are not being specifically targeted. To respond to this question, a literature review was conducted to identify best practices in the design of regional economic development interventions.

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It proves that the Sogdian communities in China were deeply rooted in the caravan trade. This title is a transcription of the Sogdian word sartapao, itself a Sogdian transcription of the Indian sârthavâha, chief-caravaneer, through a Bactrian intermediary [Sims-Williams, 1996]. In India the sârthavâha was not only the chief-caravaneer but also the head of the traders’ guild.

While most acknowledged that the process has improved considerably, some key informants raised issues relating to the process and the nature of the regional projects funded. One CFDC respondent expressed appreciation to FedNor for sharing its experience from NODP (e.g., youth internship requirements and criteria, minimum requirements for contracting), another core program delivered by FedNor. A minority of CFDC respondents were less positive in regards to these responsibilities, criticizing the lack of tools, templates and staff, and high administrative overhead for services rendered by FedNor. According to the majority of interviewees, the program appears to be reasonably well designed. Most reported no problems with the payment process, and for most, the reporting requirements are reasonable . The strength of the program design appears to be the use of the CFDC as its delivery agent.

We think that it is important to propose changes rather than maintain the status quo. We are of the view that the CSA Proposed Amendments respond to the stakeholder feedback and would increase market efficiency while ensuring investor protection. Due to the broader accessibility to retail investors, retail investors may be able to access investments in reporting issuers that were previously unavailable to them. The risks to retail investors that participate in an offering under the Exemption are mitigated by the offering limits, the disclosure in the offering document and the secondary market and contractual liability provisions. However, as compared to a prospectus, the Exemption has lower standards of statutory liability and less gatekeeper involvement which may result in reduced incentives for issuers to ensure that their disclosure obligations have been met.

If you wish to undertake activities on different dates than those submitted in your application, you may do so without an amendment if the activity takes place before your project’s end date. If you incur project expenses in another currency, you must keep proof of the exchange rate for the transaction. In your application, allow 60 business days between the date you submit your application and the date your first activity takes place. In your application, present a solid business case for undertaking the project. Return shipping and handling costs related to demonstrating a prototype in a target market.

The percentage of projects reported in the survey that contributed toward community goals are identified in Exhibit 3.12. Figures are based on responses for 143 local initiatives projects and 91 community capacity building projects. Of firms that undertake skills development, access to capital, and business planning projects experience an increase in profits. The profit increase appears to be largest when the business planning stream is engaged by firms.

Project applicants were asked for their opinions regarding the application process . Finally, key informant interviewees were asked their opinions regarding the appropriateness and effectiveness of the current project selection processes. Other shortcomings mentioned by secondary fp markets reviews recipients include the payment process, which could be sped up, and the reporting process, which is perceived as cumbersome at times. Assistance (e.g., project identification and scoping) to more functional guidance (e.g., help completing reporting templates).

The leaders of the biggest trading communities in Gansu were sent to the invading army, and the Sogdians were already on a par with the greatest merchants of Antiquity, the Kushan ones. He Sogdians were the inhabitants of fertile valleys surrounded by deserts, the most important of which was the Zeravshan valley, in today’s Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. This Iranian-speaking people had a fifteen-centuries-long historical identity between the sixth century BCE and the tenth century CE when it vanished in the Muslim, Persian-speaking world.

Fund Codes

Scholarship funding and students are eligible to apply for any scholarship that is listed on the FEF website. Affiliated schools are also allowed to bring 1 or 2 students to the College Industry Conference; whereas certified schools may bring up to 6 students. A temporary endowment is defined for use for a specific one-time purpose – such as expansion or building of a metalcasting laboratory. Funds are then paid out over an agreed upon timeframe for the defined project. Item 2 of Part 1 of Form F requires details about the offering, including the date by which the offering is expected to close . We remind issuers that under paragraph 5A.2 of NI , the final closing of the offering must occur no later than the day that is 45 days after the date the issuer issues and files the news release announcing the offering.

  • However, as compared to a prospectus, the Exemption has lower standards of statutory liability and less gatekeeper involvement which may result in reduced incentives for issuers to ensure that their disclosure obligations have been met.
  • Describe the additional steps required to reach commercial production and an estimate of costs and timing.
  • News websites can often be good sources of industry, competitive and consumer information.
  • To accomplish goals that contributed toward a better quality of life in Eastern Ontario communities.

You can easily set up an article alert service and receive email updates on your search results. All you need to do is complete your search and click on the Save search/alert link near the top of your results. Provide your email address and then set the notification frequency and you’re good to go! Try searching your industry, track information on your competitors or any other topic of your choice. If you include more than one target market in your application, each market must be new and eligible as stated above.

2 Program Design and Delivery

CanExport SMEs may support participation in international trade events to meet with key contacts from target market. These include trade fairs, seminars, international forums or private exhibitions. Applicants must link every activity for which they request funding to a new and eligible target market. We reserve the right to request any evidence in support of costs incurred by your company, including work performed by consultants. The evaluation concluded that EODP has a catalytic effect on the behaviour of organizations and communities. EODP is often the first program to fund a project and acts as a lever for additional investment from other programs.

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Established in 1978, the BIA is made up of retail shops – including a cluster of antique stores – restaurants, cafes, and various service-providing businesses. Established in 2008, the BIA is made up of restaurants and cafes, food vendors, boutique stores, health and wellness practitioners, and personal-service businesses. The BIA is largely made up of personal service businesses, retail shops, restaurants and cafes. The BIA is comprised of restaurants and cafes, bars, retail shops and boutiques, and a range of service-providing businesses. Established in 1979, the BIA is made up of restaurants, cafes and food shops, fashion boutiques, specialty retailers, health and wellness providers, and a range of service-oriented businesses. 4As securities of the Fund are automatically switched into the mutual funds pre-selected by you, the trailing commission rates paid will be the rates that are applicable to such pre-selected funds.

This publication updates key census variables at the municipal level to the current year. It also includes psychographic data as well as economic and retail trade estimates. In addition to census data, FP Markets also includes data for PSYTE categories or “clusters” of characteristics .The Canadian version of PSYTE classifies Canadians according to 65 clusters of characteristics.

But before you commit time and energy to this kind of research, be sure to try the sources listed in this section. Provides access to detailed Canadian demographic information including population, income, and spending levels by province, city, or postal code. Contact Vancouver Public Library or your local research library to obtain access. Ratios are tools that allow you to plan and assess your company’s progress over time, and to compare it to other companies in the same industry. There are different kinds of ratios, including operating ratios, financial ratios, performance indicators, and benchmarks. Website also includes a collection of financial data and annual reports of various Canadian companies.

Final Evaluation of the Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP)

The disclosure available to purchasers under the Exemption is more comprehensive than the disclosure available to investors trading in the secondary market. This is because the Exemption includes supplementary disclosure requirements which are intended to address that fact that investors are purchasing from the issuer of the securities, rather than a third party with no informational advantage regarding the securities. The additional disclosure provided pursuant to the Exemption would be filed publicly and should therefore also benefit other investors and stakeholders interested in the issuer’s securities. To respond to this reality, we propose creating the Listed Issuer Financing Exemption, a prospectus exemption for small offerings that, although available to all issuers, would benefit smaller issuers more specifically.

fp markets short list

CanExport SMEs supports exploratory activities as well as activities that contribute toward a longer-term strategy for internationalization. Companies may opt for a multi-year project, or submit a new application to build upon a previous project. Including up to 5 international markets helps companies accelerate their growth and pursue a regional expansion strategy. The choice of 7 activity categories allows for a high degree of project customization.

Freedom Convoy raised $24 million but few frozen funds made it to truckers

CanExport SMEs can provide information about your application or project only to individuals named under step 2 of 13 of the application portal. You may authorize us to speak with additional individuals by sending an email to this effect (). Submit a completed application at least 60 business days before the start date of the first proposed activity. Consult Section 8.3 of the Applicant’s Guide for more details on processing timelines.

MER is updated on a semi-annual basis and the Manager may absorb operating expenses of the Fund at its discretion but is under no obligation to do so. Expenses of the Preferred Units are allocated to unitholders of the Common Units as per the Fund’s offering documents. The investment managers are monitored quarterly through FEF’s Investment Committee, and biannually by the Board of Directors. The guidelines provide the majority of investments to be in bonds or cash equivalents with some prudent exposure in equities for growth.


Similarly, you can browse by data source, including surveys & questionnaires relevant to your market research, which also link to census tables, latest news and publications. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service – Global Markets Support ProgramOffers a variety of funding and financing options for Canadian businesses with the potential to engage in global trade and international commerce. On occasion, a trade commissioner with Global Affairs Canada may visit companies at their place of business or at the site where approved projects and activities are taking place. Applicants can close their project by submitting a final report and any outstanding claims to NRC IRAP ([email protected]). Processing time for final claims is approximately 20 business days.


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